Geuyen und Partner

Consulting Principles

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest-quality advice. In order to ensure the professionalism, quality and efficiency of our services, we have adopted the following consulting principles, which are the bedrock of our firm's reputation:

  • Client focus

    Our services are tailored to the personal, professional and timing needs of the client. Even in complex projects, a partner will be designated as the personal contact person for each client in order to ensure personal service.

  • Top-to-bottom project-oriented consulting

    We consider ourselves top-to-bottom project consultants. To this end, our partnership combines specialized and inter-disciplinary expertise. As a result, our advice takes into consideration any interdependencies between tax, auditing and legal matters, allowing us to provide the high-quality advice which our clients expect.

  • Innovative solution-oriented advice

    We develop individualized solutions and give clear recommendations based on a comprehensive analysis of the financial, tax and legal aspects of each case. Creativity and innovative thinking characterize our methods in developing forward-looking strategies.

  • Professionalism, quality and efficiency

    All of our partners have extensive expertise and experience in their particular fields of law. Close, results-oriented collaboration and strict adherence to the "dual control" principle ensure that our clients receive top-quality advice. An efficient partnership structure enables us to provide services seamlessly.

  • Collegiality

    We work closely with other consultants in all of our projects (such as personal legal and/or tax advisors and auditors) to ensure that the client's interests are protected.
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