Geuyen und Partner

Mid-size companies and high-net-worth individuals

The term "mid-size companies," as we use it, is not just an indication of the size of the company. It stands for a certain kind of corporate philosophy: one based on dynamism, decisiveness, flexibility, innovativeness and integrity. Mid-size companies face a wide variety of challenges.

We help mid-size companies found new companies, develop strategies for growth, plan their liquidity needs, open offices abroad, go public, structure financing alternatives and plan succession arrangements.

In each case, our services are provided by inter-disciplinary teams represented a variety of professional backgrounds. This practice ensures that each client has a main contact person who will coordinate our team of experts in each stage of the consulting process.

We also provide advice in the following areas:

  • organizational consulting (structural and operational organization);
  • developing and implementing information systems (management, financial, and sales information systems).
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